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Personalized Christmas Santa Gift Tags Present Stickers



Small 50 x 27 mm 40 Stickers
Medium 60 x 33 mm 24 Stickers
Large 70 x 38 mm 28 Stickers
Extra Large 80 x 44 mm 15 stickers


Personalized Stickers are great for Christmas, Party Bags, Children's Party's, Baby Showers, Weddings, Christenings, Baptisms, Naming Ceremony's, Hen Party's and just about any occasion you can think of.


Add a personal message: "Thank you for coming to my party / Wedding etc" or "Thank you for my gift" or a "Well Done" sticker for a reward or good behaviour chart. Or why not change the text completely and personalise with your own words and image / photo.


Just contact us with your ideas we will be happy to help you with your design.

copy of Personalized Christmas Santa Envelopes Gifts Present Stickers

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